Tiger’s Eye Power and Beauty

Here’s the feng shui use and properties of the brave, the busy, the protective and the watchful Tiger’s eye crystal.

If you know the expression “Easy, tiger!”, then you will understand the energy of tiger’s eye (as well as why it is so very popular in feng shui). Tigers eye is a master protector — watchful, strong, quick, and very efficient. These protective qualities have a very dynamic feel to them, tigers eye can quickly transmute negative energy, and do it in a steady and balancing kind of way.

The beauty of tiger’s eye is that it protects and nourishes you at the same time, leaving you with a stronger, more vibrant, and balanced energy. Because of its strong earthy energy, tiger’s eye can be used as an Earth element feng shui cure in any of the bagua areas of your home that are either nourished or defined by the presence of the Earth feng shui element. Tiger’s eye will be especially helpful as a feng shui cure if these areas need a strong protective and activating kind of energy.

You can display several tiger’s eye stones in your Love & Marriage area, for example, or in the Children & Creativity area. I love this crystal and am truly amazed with its energies, as well as variations of colors and designs. This stone is definitely a feng shui must for any home, especially since it is so very affordable and powerful.

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Tigers Eye by ilovelotus/etsy.com

rodika tchi

Master feng shui consultant, published author. teacher.



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