The Feng Shui Language of Wealth and Prosperity

Feng shui guidelines to create wealth-friendly energy in your home (or office)

Good feng shui in your home or office does not bring you wealth if you do not strive for it, but it does give you the necessary support to attract the energy of money. Feng shui helps you create an environment, both at home and in your office, that strengthens you and helps attract abundant energy.

The basic feng shui money energy foundation is having your home free of clutter, displaying symbols that speak to you of wealth, using feng shui cures such as crystals, specific images, items and even essential oils to raise the energy in your home.

Good feng shui money energy also means maintaining high oxygen levels at all times. This means your space has fresh air with a vibrant quality to it; decorating with air purifying plants is the easiest feng shui way to keep the energy in your space vibrant and “wealth-ready”.

Natural light is very important for a genuinely good quality of energy. In case of a space that gets little to no natural light, a smart lighting system (ideally several layers of lighting with at least some full-spectrum lights) will make a big difference.

In order to attract (and keep, as well as multiply) the energy of wealth, you have to create a genuinely good and luxurious quality of energy in your space, there is no way around it. Pretending your home has good feng shui by hanging chimes and crystals does not work; it is a shy and naive attempt. Focus on creating a genuinely strong, healthy and solid energetic foundation, then apply wealth feng shui cures that truly speak to you.

Choose cures that make sense in your home or office; a three legged frog in a modern house may look ridiculous (unless it has deep meaning to you); and it will sure not work to attract wealth. The most powerful feng shui decorating is subtle, full of meaning, deeply connected to your personal energy, as well as expressing the feng shui elements needed in specific bagua areas of your house. Let’s look into some easy feng shui prosperity tips and guidelines.

Use Water Cures for Abundance

Water is an ancient symbol of abundance in all cultures, for obvious reasons. Use feng shui fountains – a powerful feng shui cure to attract wealth and fresh Chi. If a fountain will not work in your space or you are not comfortable with the idea of having a fountain inside your home, use images of flowing water such as waterfalls, rivers, oceans, etc. Any water image is an excellent feng shui for wealth energizer, just be sure the water is clear and moving.

Images of a fast flowing river or a waterfall, for example, are better feng shui for wealth cures than the images of a quiet lake or a pond. You can also express the Water feng shui element by using its colors – blue and black – as well as by decorating with mirrors. Why mirrors? Because they are the perfect expression of this life giving element.

Take Good Care of Your Money Area

Decorate your home and office with feng shui wealth cures that appeal to your taste and decorating style. There is a variety of money cures in feng shui – from traditional to modern – so take your time and bring into your space only the wealth decor cures that genuinely speak to you of wealth. No matter which feng shui cure you choose – an aquarium or the Laughing Buddha, choose wisely.

While some traditional Chinese feng shui money cures such as the three legged toad, the Dragon Turtle, the Gem Money Tree or the Lucky Cat might not appeal to your taste (I do not use them); there are still plenty of popular and powerful wealth feng shui cures that you and your home might like. Look into the Lucky Bamboo, the Wealth Ship or the actual Money Plant, to name just a few, and see if your money area can benefit from their energy. I much love the Wealth Vase, and enjoyed creating it for my home.

As with any feng shui application, be it for health, for money or for love, you have to be patient and genuine in your feng shui work. Feng shui has been successfully used for over five thousand years, so it can certainly help you, too. Just make an effort to be consistent, and above all, use feng shui intelligently.

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No matter which feng shui bagua school you want to work with (this short video tells you about the two bagua styles); focus your efforts on your money area and take good care of its energy. This means the overall decorating in this area has the most suited for its energy colors, items, shapes and images, all expressing the Wood and Water feng shui elements.

A bit of Fire feng shui element decor is good as an energizing factor. Once you define your feng shui money area, you might be upset to find out that it is located in a challenging area such as the bathroom, for example, or in the garage, laundry room or closet.

This will require focus and proper attention from you in order to keep the energy in these spaces balanced.

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