How To Know the Good (or Bad) Feng Shui of Your Home

Check the feng shui of your home in 7 steps

In a way, it is quite easy to know if your house has good feng shui. Answering just one simple question: “Do you feel happy in your home?” will already give a good indication of its energy, as well as how well you and your home are matched.

Apart from a house being a good feng shui house, there are also specific house features that are good for some people and not so good for others, all based on their personal energy. For some, their houses are a match made in the feng shui heaven, and for others, the harmony is just not there.

However, before going into this more advanced level of designing a good feng shui home for your personal energy, let’s first look at some basic tips to know if your house has good feng shui.

Here are 7 tips to help you understand the feng shui of your house.

#1: A strong and healthy front door

In feng shui, houses are absorbing most of the needed energy nourishment via the front door, so the stronger your front door, the more good feng shui energy it can absorb. The more good feng shui energy your front door can absorb, the better energy is there to support you!

Having a strong feng shui front door is a bit like having a clear, strong voice and speaking up for yourself/letting yourself and your needs be known. Houses need to have a clear and strong voice, too.

What makes a strong feng shui front door? A door that is attractive, proportionate to the size of the house, opens easily and freely, enjoys beautiful paint in the right feng shui color, has good door hardware.

A door that is well-lit, has a good pathway leading to it, as well as opens up into an inviting main entry. In other words, a door that invites both respect and admiration, a door that looks good and feels good.

#2: A main entry with inviting, self-contained energy

The main entry is very important in feng shui because it has to have the ability to draw in, and direct the incoming energy into your home. It has to have a quality of energy that is welcoming, as well as self-contained, so that incoming Chi can settle in. There should be no doors or windows directly facing the front door.

When you have any door facing the front door, be it a back door, a garage door or a bathroom door, the energy easily escapes without being able to nourish the house. The same scenario can be created by a big window facing the front door as this will promote leakage of incoming energy.

#3: A happy, active, and nourishing energy kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home in many cultures for obvious reasons. In feng shui, the kitchen is also connected to the health and wealth energy, so it is very important to take good care of your kitchen.

From best feng shui colors for your specific kitchen to creating and maintaining fresh and nourishing energy, any and all details matter in creating a good feng shui kitchen. There can be no good feng shui home if the energy in the kitchen is unhappy, stagnant, or cold.

#4: The bedroom as the most loved room in the house

You must have heard me many times saying that the bedroom is the most important room in the house. That is, in a good feng shui house, of course. Instead of focusing most of our attention on grand living rooms and expensive kitchen and dining to impress others, it would do the house (and us) so much good to create a good feng shui home by keeping our valuable attention on the bedroom.

Understand all the guidelines and basics that make a good feng shui bedroom, and then continue to bring lots of love energy into your bedroom and into your whole home.

Love it (and yourself) with beautiful natural beddings, colors, sensual art, fresh air infused with healing essential oils, soothing lighting, and anything else that makes your heart feel loved and taken care of.

#5: Clearly defined rhythms of activity and stillness

In order to create and keep good feng shui energy in your home, it is important to have natural rhythms expressed visually in your decor. It is the energy of inhaling and exhaling, the energy of night and day, summer and winter, yin and yang.

What that means on a practical level is that your house has areas that are busy & bursting with bright colors, images, textures, as well as areas of visual rest, stillness, or repose. A house that is all stillness or all activity (as expressed in its decor) is not a good feng shui house. A dynamic balance of both yin and yang energies is what makes for good energy.

#6: An abundance of alive and fresh energy

Good feng shui is all about good energy, and good energy is alive and moving. This means that for a house to have good feng shui energy, it has to have a constant flow of fresh energy, plenty of natural light, alive items such as flowers, vibrant art, good sounds, crystals, healthy plants.

Good feng shui also means you know how to take care of the energy of your home on a regular basis and on all levels, be it with smudging or any other space clearing techniques.

#7: Well taken care of utilitarian places

In a good feng shui house, all the areas that are usually not paid much attention to, are loved and well taken care of. From the bathroom to the laundry room, from your closets to the basement and the garage — all these spaces need care as they are still part of your house. You cannot really hide anything in your house — it is like neglecting a specific part of your body.

For good feng shui, the house as a whole needs order and proper care, as well as a basic loving treatment. Know that there is there no hiding any space in a good feng shui house. Every part of your home is connected to every other part (again, just like in the human body). Is there more to a good feng shui house? Yes, there is always more.

These 7 steps, however, should serve as a good foundation to help understand the basics of a good feng shui house.

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