Feng Shui Crystals A-Z

Insights on the feng shui energies, meaning and use of popular crystals as home decor cures

Crystals have been used in feng shui since ancient times because they bring an exquisite energy from Mother Earth that is healing, powerful, and of course unique to each crystal. The vital and powerful energy most of us need daily can be accessed by wearing a specific crystal as jewelry, carrying it in your pocket, or displaying it in your home for good feng shui.  The unique vibration, or energy signature of a crystal, is expressed in its color, shape, physical structure, texture, and even the locality it came from.

The feng shui use of crystals can be seen as energy boosters that bring specific nourishment needed in a physical body or a physical space. As feng shui is all about creating good energy, it goes without saying that crystals and stones have become one of the most popular feng shui cures for any space—be it home, office or garden.

Even though only a few crystals have been used consistently in Classical feng shui as cures, you should not limit yourself to the ones you see in traditional applications. The fact that the ancient land of China was abundant in jade does not make crystals and stones from other corners of the earth less potent for good feng shui use in your home.

Here comes my A-Z of the use of good feng shui crystals. Some crystals, such as the green tourmaline, or the rose quartz, have entire articles devoted to them, and some crystal information is still in the making. I will be adding more info as I go, so feel free to come back here often.

Abalone Shell compassion, peace, nerve soothing, mothering, loving, with a gentle sense of magic, trust, and wonder.

Agate calming and soothing stone that comes in all colors of the rainbow. In feng shui decorating, you can find a variety of items from agate coasters to windchimes, choose wisely.

Amazonite blue-green color stone excellent for manifesting abundance.

Amber potent and very soothing and nourishing ancient resin that is in between 100,00 and 320 million years old.

Amethyst a very popular purple color crystal with purifying energy that promotes a deeper spiritual connection.

Ammolite the gem variety of ammonite, excellent feng shui cure for health and wealth, potent and energizing.

Ammonite ancient fossil over 100 million years old, very popular in feng shui decorating.

Angelite brings peace and soothing tranquility to any space.

Apatite helps stimulate your energy on many levels — from physical to spiritual, comes in several colors, most popular being yellow, blue, and green.

Apophyllite high vibration crystal that comes in several colors — from clear to light blue, promotes clear communication and attunement to angelic spheres.

Aquamarine the seawater stone with healing energy that is soothing, purifying, renewing, and gently energizing.

Aragonite deeply grounding and nourishing stone with soothing and strengthening divine feminine energy, helps balance intense emotions.

Aura Quartz can activate all energy centers (chakras) and help express one’s Being.

Auralite relaxing, soothing stone of a deeply healing purple color vibration.

Aventurine calms the nervous system, promotes harmony and balance.

Azeztulite relatively newly discovered crystal with a very high vibration.

Azurite deep blue color stone that facilitates the connection with inner worlds and enhances one’s creativity and well-being.


Beryl very calming stone, considered to strengthen one’s immunity.

Black Lava grounding stone that can instil a deep sense of courage.

Black Kyanite clears negativity and offers a sense of grounding and gentle protection.

Black Tourmaline one of the most powerful stones used for protection and clearing negativity.

Black Obsidian called the stone of truth, the black obsidian can reveal boundless secrets and mysteries, both about the inner world of the person working with the obsidian, as well as about the inner workings of the cosmos at large.

Bloodstone powerful healing stone used for detoxification on all levels — from subtle body to the physical body, helps transform and neutralize negative energies. Place a few bloodstones in your bathroom or main entry.

Blue Lace Agate genuinely calming, soothing and refreshing stone.


Calcite comes in many colors, from clear to deep blue, it’s a powerful physical body healer and energizer, especially the green color one.

Carnelian has a combination of earth and fire energies, it brings warmth, joy, protection, and courage into one’s energy field.

Celestite transparent, sky blue color crystal with many rainbows inside, it can help one connect to angelic realms, while creating a gentle soothing field of protection. Excellent in yours or your child’s bedroom.

Chalcedony nurtures, protects, instills a sense of support and belonging.

Charoite cleanses all chakras, opens one’s field to receive love.

Chrysocolla a beautiful blue-green color stone that stimulates intellectual pursuits and can facilitate success in business.

Chrysoprase stunning green color crystal that attracts health, joy and abundance.

Chlorite balances one’s energy and helps let go of the past and feel forgiveness.

Citrine one of the most popular feng shui crystals for attracting wealth; be mindful about buying a genuine citrine as most citrine on the market is actually radiated amethyst.

Clear Quartz clears and purifies the energy, can be programmed to hold specific energies. Clear quart clusters are wonderful in the living room or study.

Clusters a specific formation of crystals good for maintaining harmony and fresh energy in any given space.

Coral expresses a gentle alchemy of soothing water and warming fire energies, it is nourishing, healing, and protective, especially for women.

Crystals, Altar a few crystals usually recommended for a good feng shui altar in your home.

Crystals, How To Choose practical steps to help choose best crystals for you and your home.

Crystals, How To Place specific feng shui guidelines on placing crystals in your home.

Cuprite excellent stone for grounding and revitalizing one’s energy.


Danburite sparkly high energy crystal helping release stress and worry by emitting energy from higher realms.

Desert Rose Selenite gentle, calm, soothing, renewing, helps release stress and feel safe in one’s body.

Dolomite opens the heart, detoxifies the body on all levels.


Emerald means the green of growing things; it is calming, healing, dissolves negativity.

Epidote helps release negativity, creates awareness of one’s outdated patterns, helps promote spiritual growth.


Faden brings inner alignment to the body, can help open and gently stimulate the energy centers (chakras).

Fluorite can activate the energy of exploration, courage, and growth, is an excellent body healer.

Fossil (Petrified) Wood helps know one’s roots and feel safe and secure.

Fuchsite a strong emotional healer, can help let go of trauma and distress.


Garnet the stone of passion, devotion, it revitalizes and balances your energy, evoking a sense of courage and commitment,

Generators a specific crystal formation that uplifts the energy in any given space.

Geodes a specific crystal formation that helps transmute and purify the energy in any space.

Goldstone optimism, vitality, courage, and joy are the key energies of this shiny stone.

Green Calcite compassion for oneself and others, heart-opening, gentle love, and healing.

Green Tourmaline joy, vitality, healing, cooperation, imagination, trust.


Hematite provides protection and grounding; it can also help with focus and concentration.

Hemimorphite the stone of happiness and uplifting energy with the most beautiful sky blue color.

Herkimer Diamond promotes inner alignment, clears the higher connection centers in one’s body, attracts true wealth.

Honey Calcite self-esteem, confidence, courage, energetic nourishment, taking action with self-love, and self-responsibility.

Howlite stimulates intellectual pursuits, improves communication, alleviates intense emotions.


Idocrase (Vesuvianite) liberates your energy, helps strengthen the feeling of inner trust and security.

Iolite is the stone of vision, intuition, and connecting to — and expressing — the True Self.


Jade is the most popular stone in classical feng shui applications, it brings the feeling of harmony and balance.

Jasper is a nourishing, warm, and protective stone.

Jet protection, grounding, healing, stamina, and letting go of grief and emotional burdens.


K2 Stone the higher/best decision-making stone as it promotes connection you to higher wisdom before making big choices.

Kunzite gentle stone of tolerance, romantic love, forgiveness, and harmony.

Kyanite has peaceful and rebalancing properties, it is one of the rare stones that never need cleansing.


Labradorite the stone of magic, strength, and perseverance.

Lapis Lazuli expresses the power and the wisdom of cosmic connection; calming and empowering.

Larimar peace, clarity, clear communication, reverence for the power of divine feminine.

Larvikite grounding, protective, connecting to Mother Earth and spiritual visions.

Lemurian Quartz master healers believed to carry the energies and specific info from the ancient civilization of Lemuria.

Leopard Skin Jasper protection, grounding, belonging, safety.

Lepidolite the master emotional healer, helps cope with a variety of transitions in one’s life, relieves stress, and low energetic states of sadness, grief, depression.

Libyan Gold provides an energy boost, helps increase stamina, self-esteem, and inner power.

Lodestone helps one let go of grief and burdens, promotes more energy and endurance.


Marble promotes inner strength and insight, helps find balance and courage in a lasting way.

Meteorite allows a higher vision to emerge, helps release old grief and limitations.

Malachite bestows strong vitality; it is soothing, energizing, and refreshing.

Moldavite a stone of very high frequencies (and extra-terrestrial origin) it helps see beyond illusions and promotes harmonious healing on all levels.

Mookaite nurturing, protective, helps accept change and move forward with grace.

Moonstone is sensual and nourishing, has deeply feminine energy, and is very protective.

Morganite the stone of the heart emanating sweetness, playfulness, and love.

Moss Agate letting go with ease, freshness, new beginnings, wealth, and strong self-esteem.

Mother of Pearl nourishment, intuition, imagination, healing, motherly energy of care and compassion.

Muscovite acceptance, connection, healing, deep sleep, and rejuvenation.


Nuumite empowerment, insight, magic, mystery. The Sorcerer’s Stone.


Obsidian the stone of truth, helps cut through illusions; draws in negative energy, very protecting.

Ocean Jasper optimism, joy, happiness, fresh waves of inspiration, and creativity.

Onyx provides grounding, stability, and protection.

Opal calming, protective, soothing.

Orange Calcite creativity, sexuality, self-healing, and joyful expression.


Pearls purification, freshness, flow, flexibility;  a joyful sense of peace, and calm.

Peridot joyful health, good friendships, and an abundance of rich life experiences.

Petrified Wood helps know one’s roots and feel safe and secure.

Phantom Quartz self-healing, regeneration, trust, miracles.

Prehnite peace, protection, preparedness, inner knowing, healing.

Pyrite popular feng shui wealth crystal; it is energizing, protective, and strengthening.


Quartz Crystal purifies and harmonizes the energy around itself; can be programmed.


Rhodochrosite Soul-sourced and Soul-based love and passion, healing of old hurts.

Rhodonite compassion, self-care, helps release shock, trauma and grief.

Rose Quartz heart healing; nourishing, soothing, teacher of self-love.

Ruby pure passion, imagination, and power.

Rutilated Quartz cleanses the aura, connects one to spiritual realms, offers protection.


Sapphire the stone of royalty, devotion, power, and spirituality.

Schorl (Black Tourmaline) one of the most powerful stones used for protection and clearing negativity.

Selenite self-honesty, purity, connection to higher planes of reality.

Seraphinite heart-based living, gentle inspiration, and strength.

Serpentine wisdom, meditation, access to hidden knowledge, humility.

Shungite stress release, protection from dangerous EMFs, alchemy, and empowerment.

Smoky Quartz grounding, centering, cleansing, and protective.

Sodalite self-trust, self-respect, intellectual pursuits, truth, calm, patience.

Spinel restores one’s energy in a joyful way, instills optimism and courage.

Stilbite expansion of consciousness, release of limitations, embracing heart-based living.

Sugilite energetic nourishment, emotional healing, release of worries, and stress.

Sulphur removes negativity, enhances creativity and imagination.

Sunstone the stone of happiness and good fortune, alleviates stress, clears energy

Super Seven (Melody) powerful earth healer, helps access realms of true harmony and love.


Tektite helps one connect to true purpose in life, increases intuition and trust.

Tigers Eye the master protector stone, energizing, and uplifting.

Topaz truth, generosity, abundance, forgiveness, joy.

Tourmaline energizing, protective, revitalizing; comes in all colors of the rainbow.

Tourmalinated Quartz helps balance opposite traits in one’s energy, clears the field, and alleviates self-sabotage.

Tree Agate immune system booster, promotes a better flow of energy in the body.

Turquoise brings happiness, balance, harmony, and protection.


Unakite evokes nature’s joy, abundance, has very strong healing energies, helps balance the emotional body.


Vesuvianite liberates your energy, helps strengthen the feeling of inner trust and security.

Vivianite healer of deep emotional wounds, peace, heart-opening, meditation.


Wulfenite inspiration, creativity, persistence, determination.



Yellow Calcite gentle nourishment, hope, self-confidence, trust, joy.


Zeolite the master healer crystal, removes negative energies, protects, supports in all stages of the healing process.

Zincite vibrant energy, creativity, fertility, joy, intuition.

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