Feng Shui for Inner Peace: The Six Stage Uplifting Chi Meditation

Purify your energy and cultivate inner peace.

The BTB (Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhist School) feng shui masters affirm that this meditation can help correct imbalances of the Fire feng shui element in one’s personal energy, as well as adjust one’s too talkative, overexcited or anxious Chi. It is also said to help manifest goals faster, as well as reduce the number of enemies in one’s life.

An ancient suggestion for the times when one encounters difficult problems is to do this Uplifting Chi meditation 9 times a day for 27 days (allowing for a 3 days interval between the three 9 days periods).

The most important, and most valuable benefit of this meditation, as I see it, is the peace of mind that it can help re-establish, the purification of one’s personal energy, and the open heart that is strengthened and honoured by being seen in its true power.

As with most meditations, we will be using here the power of mudras and mantras to amplify the healing energy. A mudra is simply a specific hand gesture with the aim to activate specific energy lines in the body to help reach a specific energetic state. Translated from Sanskrit, mudra means gesture, mark or seal. You can see a variety of mudras in many sacred Buddhist paintings and sculptures.

mantra is a repetition of a sacred sound, man meaning mind and tra meaning to free from. So a sacred mantra is designed to use the power of sound to liberate one from a variety of negative mental states. In this meditation we will be using the Dhyana Mudra, also called the Calming Heart Mudra, in combination with the Calming Heart Mantra.

To beginfind a place with calm and soothing energy where you will not be disturbed by people, animals or loud sounds.

Seat down comfortably either cross-legged in a lotus or half-lotus position or simply sit on a chair, legs uncrossed.

Place your hands in the Calming Heart Mudra (pictured above); your left hand goes on top of the right hand, thumbs almost touching. You can place the hands in the mudra on your lap or, as a variation, place the hands in the mudra against your heart.

Next, we will be reciting the Calming Heart Mantra that comes from the Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) section of the Heart Sutra, the powerful ancient sacred Buddhist scripture. The approximate translation of this sacred mantra is  “Gone, gone, beyond, altogether beyond… Oh, what an awakening!”.  It speaks of the realization of a state free of self-imposed suffering and limitations.

Recite the Calming Heart Mantra 9 times:

Gatay Gatay Para Gatay Para Sum Gatay Bodhi Swaha

Do the inhale/exhale breathing exercises 9 times. 

You can do the breathing exercises either sitting or standing. The results will be slower, though, if you do them sitting. In these breathing exercises, we will be using the following visualizations: inhaling all the good things, such as for example, the light of a thousand Buddhas shinning on you.

Or, you can visualize two crystal balls moving from under your feet up throughout your whole body. Alternatively, if you are familiar with Buddhist symbols, you can use the Constant Turning Dharma Wheel or the Six True Words.


Take a deep breath, breathing in any of the above energies entering your body. Move the breath from the lungs to the dantien (the power center around your navel) and then see it spread throughout your entire body.


Visualize that all your cells and pores are open to receive and absorb the blessings of this healing light energy.


Hold the breath briefly before exhaling.


Exhale, letting out the air in 8 short segments, completing the exhale with a long ninth segment.


Imagine all suffering, grievances, unlucky chi or bad karma being expelled out of your body.


See the light of many small suns happily radiating from every cell in your body.

Repeat for a total of 9 breaths.

After completing the breathing exercise, sit in stillness for at least 3-5 minutes to allow this healing energy fully settle in your body.

Enjoy this beautiful meditation and practice it often!

rodika tchi

master feng shui consultant. published author. teacher. RodikaTchi.com



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