8 Popular Feng Shui Crystals: Clear Quartz Leads the Way

These 8 crystals can strengthen your personal energy while creating good feng shui in your home

The world of feng shui crystals and stones is absolutely fascinating, they work in powerful, even though subtle ways. Crystals can help you attract the desired quality of energy, strengthen your personal energy field, clear your space of negative energy, and more, so much more.

In feng shui, crystals are widely used for their specific properties, be it for protection, wealth, centering and grounding, etc. I am sure you have seen a variety of feng shui amulets made from crystals, such as jade Wu Lous and Fu Dogs or rose quartz mandarin ducks. These traditional feng shui cures are nice, but most people in the West do not resonate with their look and feel.

There is actually a better way to employ the power of crystals in order to create good feng shui energy. If the classical Chinese feng shui crystal cures that most people associate with feng shui are not to your liking, this info on top 8 feng shui crystals should be  helpful.

I will share with you the main qualities of each crystal or stone, how it is used for good feng shui, as well as where you can place it in your home.

Let’s start with the star of all crystals, the versatile Clear Quartz.

The Top Feng Shui Crystal: Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a versatile crystal that can do a variety of jobs — from clearing and protecting to strengthening any specific quality of energy, be it love or courage. I adore the clear quartz for its happiness, for the abundance of light, for the colorful rainbows it often contains, and for its deeply enchanting and optimistic inner world.

Because it can be programmed to help you, because it comes in so many forms and because it is so affordable, clear quartz is really a must have crystal for every home. This top feng shui crystal is also a favourite of interior designers because its clear energy and color works in any interior and with any decorating style. You can find clear quartz in beautiful doorknobs, stunning candleholders, or various coffee table adornments.

My most favorite clear quartz crystal forms are clusters and towers (sometimes called generators). I also love big and clear tumbled stones, the countless points and wands I bought over the years, the ecstatically happy crystal ball filled with rainbows, and my jewelry with clear quartz. In other words, I really, really love the clear quartz crystal.

Feng shui-wise, place it in areas that need fresh and crisp energy somewhat resembling happy sunlight and clear fresh water. You can’t really go wrong with the feng shui placement of the clear quartz in your home because this crystal will adjust its energy to any bagua area you place it in.

The only suggestion is to avoid having a crystal cluster close to your bed because a cluster can be too energizing for a bedroom, unless you display it further away from your bed. This suggestion applies to any crystal cluster, not just clear quartz, due to the energetic activity of this formation.

Our Next Feng Shui Crystal: Rose Quartz

Photo credits: Rose Quartz points by BoutiqueMinimaliste/etsy.com; Clear Quartz heart by LunaBlueBoutique/etsy.com
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