How To Make the Feng Shui Wealth Vase in 5 Steps: Attract the Energy of Money

Step by step tips to make your own feng shui wealth vase, and its best placement in your home

The feng shui wealth vase is one of the oldest feng shui abundance and money cures. It is an ancient cure that originated in India many centuries ago. The making of the wealth vase is still a tradition (and a sacred offering) in many Tibetan Buddhist Temples around the world today.

In feng shui applications, the wealth vase is used as a cure to help attract and strengthen the flow of wealth energy in your life. Even though not the same as received from a temple, you can still make a powerful feng shui wealth vase for yourself and increase the wealth energy in your home.

Here is all you need to know in order to make your own feng shui wealth vase and benefit from its beautiful energy.

The items you need to make a wealth vase

  • A beautiful vase, ideally an oriental looking one, that can serve as your very own wealth vase. Be mindful not to choose a clear glass vase, as you do not want the content of the wealth vase to be visible. Your vase has to have a lid.
  • Soil from a wealthy friend (or from an area with lush, potent Chi)
  • Five different types of grains
  • Several symbols of wealth such as crystals, golden ingots, etc.
  • A piece of fabric to be placed on top of the vase lid. It has to have the colors of all five feng shui elements (or choose five pieces of fabric, each in a specific feng shui element color).
  • A string with the colors of the five feng shui elements.

The steps to make your feng shui wealth vase

Step 1. 

Find a special time and place to create your wealth vase. Gather your items and place them on the surface where you will be making your wealth vase. No matter which surface you choose, be it your dining table, your office desk or your coffee table, be sure to surround yourself with clean, good energy.

Activate your altar, light a candle and burn high-quality incense (or use your aromatherapy diffuser), say a prayer, and get very clear with your intent to attract wealth. Be sure you are creating this feng shui cure not out of fear, but rather from an empowered stance to receive the prosperity and abundance that is your birthright.

Step 2. 

Hold your vase for a few seconds in your hands, filling it with the energy of your clear intent first, then place your high-quality, vibrant soil inside it. Next, place the 5 types of grains you chose (it can be any grains).

Step 3. 

Fill your feng shui wealth vase with items that have personal meaning to you as connected to the energy of wealth. The more meaning each item has for you, the more powerful energy is created—and maintained—in your wealth vase. When I created mine, I used beautiful crystals that I love, among them a few pieces of pyrite and citrine (the wealth crystals).

You can also go for traditional feng shui cures such as Chinese coins, golden ingots, a small Laughing Buddha, etc. Fill your vase slowly and purposefully.

Step 4. 

After your wealth vase is filled, put the lid on top and cover it with your chosen fabric. For my vase, I chose five pieces of beautiful shimmering fabric, each in a color of a specific feng shui element, and I placed them in the order of the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements. I started with the blue color fabric for the Water element, then green for Wood, bright red for Fire, soft yellow for Earth and shiny golden color for Metal.

Step 5. 

Use your five elements colored string to tie/secure well the fabric on top of the lid of your wealth vase. Your wealth vase is now ready!

Best areas in your home to place your wealth vase

If you want to have more than one feng shui wealth vase in your home, you can surely create more, and place them in each of these good directions. After the feng shui wealth vase is created, it is not supposed to be opened again. If you have to open it, for any reason, then you have to start over with all of the above steps. While the wealth vase is never opened, you can sure clean it on the outside as you consider necessary.

A few more things to consider

  • The feng shui wealth vase is not meant to be displayed openly. Always place it out of sight in a respectful manner. You can change the placement of your wealth vase, but keep it out of sight, in a more cocooned energetic space.
  • Traditionally, the wealth vase is symbolically cleaned on Lunar New Year. Of course, you can also clean it at any time during the year.

As you can see, the meaning and the energetic essence of the feng shui wealth vase is to create a container and a magnet for wealth; a strong vortex of energy that is fuelled by your intent and your desire for wealth.

It is very important to keep a grateful attitude in mind, as well as understand that truly lasting wealth always has spiritual roots. There is a reason why wealth vases were (and still are) created in Buddhist temples.

If the process of making your wealth vase feels a bit confusing, this video I made a while ago on how to make a wealth vase can help. 

image: bhg.com

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