Avoid These Bad Feng Shui Bedroom Layouts

Here’s what makes a bad feng shui bedroom layout

Now that you know the best feng shui bedroom layouts, let’s look into the worst ones. As with everything not-so-good, there is an almost infinite variation of bad feng shui bedroom layouts. For example, one can have a bed under the window and aligned with the door. Or, even a bed under the window that is also between the door and another window.

Let’s look at the worst feng shui bedroom layouts and see why they are considered to be bad feng shui, as well as offer possible ways to remedy the effects of these bedroom layouts. Our diagrams are basic, and the reason for this is simple: the main feature that creates a good feng shui bedroom layout is the positioning of the bed.

The best positioning of the bed is defined by the specific placement of doors and windows in your specific bedroom; there can be several options in any given space. We start with the bed under the window.

1. Bed Under the Window


This is the worst feng shui bedroom layout, with the bed positioned right under the window. Of course, I know that sometimes this can look beautiful, even romantic, especially when the bedroom is designed well and the window view is attractive. I have seen many bedrooms in glossy magazines that look really good with the bed placed under the window.

However, no matter how pretty the design is, what matters the most is the actual quality of energy in the bedroom. In the case of a bed under the window, the energy is very weak. Feng shui-wise, people who sleep in a bed under the window are prone to feelings of sadness or weakness and can experience lack of support in life.

Note that this will not apply if you just sleep in a bedroom with this layout for a couple days, or when traveling. The negative feng shui energy effect sets in when this is the layout of the bedroom where you sleep most nights. Are there good feng shui solutions for a bed under the window?

The best solution is to move the bed.

If this is absolutely not possible, then a strong, tall headboard is a must, as well as very good, thick and beautiful window treatment that can be closed at night, creating a more secure backing for the bed.

2. Bed in Line with the Door


This feng shui bedroom layout could easily compete for #1 spot in our list of the worst feng shui bedroom layouts. In classical Chinese feng shui, the bed in this bedroom layout is called a coffin bed. Scary labels aside, this bedroom layout has a very harsh quality of energy pointing at the bed, in addition to the energy of the bed itself being leaked out the door. These words might sound very strange, but trust me, energy-wise this is a very unsupportive and weak bed placement, thus a bad feng shui bedroom layout.

Any good feng shui solutions for this layout? The best solution is to move the bed. If you cannot move the bed, then having a footboard, as well as placing a visually acceptable and an energetically supportive, strong piece of furniture in between the bed and the door, is the only other solution.

Examples of energetic supportive items include a bench with pillows or throw blankets on top, a small shelf, or an upholstered chair. Use your creativity in creating a sense of strength around the bed. If this is the only possible layout in your bedroom, be sure to do your best to energetically protect your bed.

3. Bed Between the Door and the Window


A bed between the door and the window creates a bad feng shui bedroom layout because the bed is in the direct line of energy, thus very weak and exposed. Whenever there is a door aligned with the window (or a door to door or window to window alignment); there is also a strong and direct flow or energy. The closer these two are located, the stronger the flow (which, in this case, will feel like a strong draft.)

I do not mean the usual air draft, which is also an undesirable feature in this bedroom layout. I mean a harsh, direct flow of energy (Chi) that is constantly disturbing the bed.

If you are sensitive to energy, you can stand between the door and the window for a few minutes to experience how the quality of energy in this spot is different from, let’s say, a protected area in a cozy corner of a room. Feng shui-wise, you always want to place the bed in the strongest and most protected area of the bedroom; having a bed placed in between the door and the window is placing it in a very weak and vulnerable spot.

When the bed in which you sleep has weak and imbalanced energy, your own energy will very soon become weak and imbalanced. If you want to enjoy vibrant health and harmonious, balanced relationships in your life, it is very important to avoid these bad feng shui bedroom layouts.

You spend 6-8 hours every night in your bed, be mindful about helping your body do its repair and rejuvenation work by creating the best possible feng shui energy in your bedroom.

rodika tchi

master feng shui consultant. published author. teacher.



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