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Because your bed is the biggest and the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, it is important to know the best feng shui layouts. Positioning your bed in the best spot will create better energy for you and for the whole home, and you will be the one to benefit from it. How do you find the best spot in your bedroom? Does it require a lot of guessing work or are there good layouts that you can just easily apply? While the foundational energy in each bedroom is quite unique because of the relationship between windows and doors, there are still a few good layouts you can follow to assure good energy in your bedroom.

Let’s look at 3 best feng shui bedroom layouts, understand what makes them so, and define possible variations of each layout. This is important because sometimes you might not be able to position your bed as shown in the diagrams below, so it is good to know the extent to which you can modify each layout and still create good energy.

Good Feng Shui Bedroom Layout #1

feng shui bedroom layout 1

The #1 good feng shui bedroom layout is the feng shui commanding position, with the bed placed diagonally from the bedroom door, and a solid wall behind it. It has a good solid headboard and good grounding energy provided by the nightstands on both sides. The nightstands do not have to be identical, you can be as creative as you like, but be sure that the bed is supported and grounded on both sides.

Having a rug to further ground the energy of the bed — and the whole bedroom — brings more strength to this powerful feng shui bedroom layout. Notice that the other large piece of furniture – a big chest of drawers, an armoire, etc –  is not on the side, but rather at the foot of the bed. This is important if you want to keep the energy in your bedroom balanced. Of course, not all bedrooms are easy to deal with and there are many details that can prevent you from re-creating this exact layout.

Are there variations of this #1 good feng shui bedroom layout? The only variation that will still keep it as the best feng shui bedroom layout is the positioning of the big piece of furniture, which can be placed on either side of the bed. In this case, you will need to be sure to have it balanced by another piece of furniture at the foot of the bed, as well as a focal point on the side of the bed opposite the heavy piece. The bed does not have to be in the center of the facing wall, this depends on the positioning of windows. As long as the bed is placed diagonally from the door, has a solid wall behind it and space on both sides of the bed, you can be sure this is a good feng shui bedroom layout.

Good Feng Shui Bedroom Layout #2

feng shui bedroom layout 2

The second best feng shui bedroom layout has the door to the side with the bed still further away from the door, a solid wall behind it and good grounding energy on both sides. Notice the biggest piece of furniture is, balancing the energy well. You can visualize a triangle between the two nightstands and the chest of drawers to help define the best furniture layout for any bedroom.

Good Feng Shui Bedroom Layout #3

feng shui bedroom layout 3

The third option of a good layout has the bed on the same wall as the door (or the nearby wall), and the bed still well protected and grounded.  If this is the layout that is most suitable for your bedroom, be sure you leave as much space as possible between the door and the bed, still allowing enough room for the nightstand on the opposite side of the bed.

Now that you know the best layouts, along with their slight variations, let’s look at the worst bedroom layouts.

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