Ammolite’s Ageless Power

Good feng shui decorating with the ageless, the ancient, the awesome, the amazing duo: ammonite and ammolite

Ammonite is neither a crystal nor a stone, but it sure belongs on our list of top crystals and stones because it is extensively used in feng shui for its very unique properties. In defence of other crystals, ammonite had over 100 million years to become unique! This fossilized shell of an ancient mollusk can bring extraordinary energy to any home, a quality of energy that is clearing, powerful and energizing.

The captivating design of this fossil reveals the way it works—it brings a constantly rotating energy that clears stagnation, blockages and any residues of low energy. This clearing is done in a solid and constant kind of way, nothing radical or temporary. How can you possibly work in radical or temporary ways when time is just a passing illusion for you?

Feng shui-wise, the colorful ammolite is much sought after (ammolite being the iridescently colorful, gem quality shell of the ammonite). It comes in unbelievably bright and beautiful colors, from ethereal white to deeply vibrant red; and is very energizing and uplifting. The bigger the size of the ammolite you have in your home or office, the more incredible work it can master.

A big ammonite, and especially a big piece of ammolite, can command quite high fees. The small ones are quite affordable, though, so there is no reason not to invite this miracle worker into your home. The feng shui placement of ammonite is best guided by its color; for example, if your ammolite has fiery red colors, you do not want to place it in the Health bagua area of your home. Otherwise, if the colors are quite soft and neutral, you can place this ancient beauty in any bagua area and watch it do its work.

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Ammonite knobs by KnuckleheadKnobs/

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