How To Place Your Bed for Good Bedroom Feng Shui

3 steps for the best feng shui bed placement

Bedrooms are very important in feng shui for obvious reasons. Your bed and your bedroom have to have enough power to support your energy. Your bed also has to maintain and hold the energy of love and healing. That’s a lot of responsibility for just one piece of furniture, isn’t it? The feng shui bed guidelines are quite easy to follow and implement.

The feng shui bed placement, however, is where you may encounter some challenges, all depending on your specific bedroom. The first step in creating good energy in your bedroom is to have a bed that meets the guidelines for a good feng shui bed. In a nutshell, this means you have a bed with:

  • a solid headboard
  • good mattress
  • good frame height
  • free flow of energy under the bed/ no storage under the bed.

Now, let’s find the best placement for your bed.

1. Find The Commanding Position

Examine your bedroom and see if you can place the bed in the ideal feng shui spot for your bed, which is the so-called feng shui commanding position. The feng shui commanding position is the area further, and diagonally from the door, but not in line with it. In other words, you want to be able to see the door while you are in bed, but not be aligned with the door.

2. Get Support

A strong supporting wall behind your bed is very important for a good feng shui bed placement. This creates strong, protective energy around your bed, gives it more power and the ability to create (and hold) good energy. Do your best to position your bed in such a way that there is a solid wall behind it. For added strength, you can also choose to paint the wall in an accent color appropriate for your specific bedroom decor.

3. Create Balanced, Grounded Energy

Having grounding and balanced energy around your bed is very important for your health and well-being. How do you create this type of energy? This is easily achieved by placing similar nightstands on each side of the bed. They do not have to be identical, not even similar, use your creativity to ground the energy of your bed on both sides in a way that works best.

This is especially important when there is not enough space for a nightstand, for example, so the space is either left empty, or the bed is placed right close to the wall. Do not do that. Even a stack of books, artfully placed on the side of the bed with little space, will help you create balanced energy. Having a few crystals by your bed side, be they rose quartz, celestite, blue lace agate (or any crystal of your choice, really, if you feel really drawn to it), will also bring a more grounded, healing energy.

feng shu bed placement

While finding the best placement for your bed and creating the best overall feng shui in your bedroom, always keep in mind that it is your bedroom. It is your most intimate space, and you are the one who has to be in charge there. Study and understand all the feng shui bedroom guidelines, then make decisions based on your own priorities, by using the always sweet and powerful combination of critical thinking with deep intuitive feeling.

rodika tchi

master feng shui consultant. published author. teacher.



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