Peace & Calm: Home Feng Shui for Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

Use feng shui to create peace and calm

Ancient sages from all times and all parts of the world affirmed that the only true security lies in one’s connection to the divine source within. When your true identity is felt and truly known, few of the present problems can persist for too long. This makes it very important to develop your inner connection.

As an ancient oriental art and science, feng shui offers powerful help in guiding one to create a home that is supportive and nourishing the energies of peace, calm and inner stability. A home that is healing and rejuvenating. According to this ancient wisdom, each space has an area that is directly connected to the energy of spirituality.

This area is called the Personal Growth & Self-Cultivation feng shui area. It is also sometimes called the Spiritual Growth area. As any other bagua area of your home, this area can much benefit from your attention. Feng shui wisdom clearly reveals that once you take good care of the energy of your home, your own personal energy, as well as the quality of your life, will greatly improve. So, how do you find this area? You will use a tool called bagua, or the feng shui energy map. Depending on which feng shui bagua style you use, the Personal Growth & Self Cultivation area will be either in the Northeast area (according to the Classical bagua) or in the lower left corner (BTB bagua).

If this feels like too much work at the moment, know that there are many simple and powerful ways to start cultivating this energy without detailed bagua work. Crystals, for example, can become beautiful friends and powerful healers. They express the essence of the Earth feng shui element which nourishes this bagua area.

Creating a small, simple altar can help anchor a calm and sacred energy in your space. Using special blends of essential oils, especially such oils as sandalwood, sage, and frankincense, can bring a unique feeling of sacredness into your space. There are many deities and enlightened beings that you can invite into in your home. A statue of Buddha or Kuan Yin, pictures of angels, or any specific deity that you feel connected to, can help anchor this energy. Along with finding your own representation of divine energy, here are three basic feng shui tips to help support and nourish a welcoming of sacred energies in your home and in your life.

Tip 1: Stay Open and Fresh

It is very important to learn how to keep the energy flow in your home open and fresh, because this keeps your own energy open. Learn to attune to how your house feels, and quickly change the energy if you sense the presence of low, stagnant or negative energies. You can use basic space clearing tips daily to assure a good quality energy in your home.

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Tip 2: Make Space

It is highly suggested to find space in your home for an altar or something similar to its energy. There are really no specific feng shui instructions on making an altar, or a personal power spot. The only basic guidance is to be free to express who you are, make a deep connection to the divine by feeling and expressing the gratitude for what you have been blessed with, and ask for guidance and protection.

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Tip 3: Take Good Care

Locate the bagua area connected in your home to Personal Growth & Self-Cultivation and allow yourself to love it. You can use basic feng shui guidelines for this area, and enrich it with meaningful items that hold special meaning for you. As a general rule, this bagua area loves the Earth and Fire feng shui elements, and is not very fond of too much Metal, Water or Wood elements, so choose your decor items accordingly. Most of all, if you allow yourself to feel that everything around you is sacred, and that everything speaks to you all the time, you can easily create a home that will nourish a truly blessed energy for your life.

“Make every word a prayer, make every place a shrine.”

image: Robert Aichinger

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