Here’s What Really Makes A Good Feng Shui Bedroom

Learn to create good energy in your bedroom

If you’ve been exploring feng shui for a while, you sure know how important it is to have good feng shui in your bedroom. In addition to best feng shui bedroom colors and decor, as well as a good feng shui bed, you might be wondering what is the best feng shui bedroom layout? And which layouts are considered the worst? These are good things to know; so let’s explore.

Before I share with you best feng shui bedroom layouts, we have to quickly go over the ABC of a good feng shui energy foundation for your bedroom. After all, if the energy foundation in your bedroom is really bad, a good feng shui layout will not help you much. What creates a good energetic foundation for your bedroom? Three things:

1. No clutter.

Yes, I know this can be a sensitive topic for many, but dealing with your bedroom clutter is very important, there is no way around it. And by dealing with it I do not mean to shove it under the bed (very bad feng shui) or hide it in your closet (also bad feng shui).

I mean to actually clear it by sorting things out, keep what you need and let go of what you do not need anymore. We have an easy clutter clearing system described step by step, use it if you find clutter clearing especially challenging.

2. Good quality air.

You might be amazed to hear that the indoor pollution is worse than the outdoor one, so make a point of checking the quality of air in your bedroom regularly. Open your windows, use essential oils, maybe have an air purifying plant or two (if your bedroom is big enough and the plants can be placed further from the bed).

Do not skip this step as there can be no good feng shui in a polluted space, and your health will reflect it. You might not immediately feel the poor quality of air in your bedroom or might be already too used to it; so make an effort to refresh the air in your bedroom often.

3. Light and color.

Believe it or not, natural light is the number 1 nutrient and is considered medicine for your body. Be sure to let natural light in during the day to purify and revive the energy in your bedroom. While at night you want your bedroom to be as dark as possible, during the day you have to let the healing sunlight in.

It is also important to have an intelligent lighting system in your bedroom, meaning to not limit your lighting to one poor overhead ceiling lamp with depressing light.

Best lighting for the bedroom are actually natural candles; they will not only give a warm glow and bring the feng shui of Fire element into your bedroom (very important!), but also purify the energy in your bedroom.

If you have to have electrical lights, be smart and do your best by creating light energy that nourishes you and creates a sensual, warm feeling (as well as gives good direct lighting if you like to read in bed). This means you will have to have at least two — ideally three — layers of lighting.

My absolute favourite and best feng shui lighting for the bedroom are the Himalayan salt lamps; once I experienced their healing glow in the bedroom there was no turning back; no other lighting comes even close to its energy.

The salt lamp also purifies the air while filling your bedroom with a healing sensual glow. The Himalayan salt lamps come in a variety of designs nowadays – from bohemian looks to very clean and crisp ones, so there is really no excuse not to have them in the bedroom.

Now that we are clear with the main pillars of good feng shui in any bedroom, let’s explore the best feng shui bedroom layouts.

rodika tchi

master feng shui consultant. published author. teacher.



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