The Marvellous Malachite

The vibrant energy of malachite is an excellent addition to your good feng shui home decor

Malachite is a pure flow of vibrant, strong and powerfully renewing healing energy. It is easy to recognize malachite for its lively green colours, as well as the beautiful striations along the surface of the stone. The essence of this stone promotes a constant and creative flow, or movement of energy; the malachite is especially attuned to improving one’s health and well-being.

This healing forest energy wonder stone clears stagnant energy, removes blockages and helps you achieve a state of genuine well-being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As many other crystals and stones on the market, malachite can be synthetically made, so it is best to buy your malachite from a reputable supplier who will help you differentiate between the natural and the artificially made malachite.

You can easily find malachite in tumbled form, as well as in shapes such as hearts, spheres, pyramids, angels, turtles, etc. It is not easy to find malachite clusters or natural points, while geodes are sometimes available. In its raw form, malachite looks really beautiful and has powerful energy (but is considered toxic so should be treated mindfully). Malachite jewelry is widely available, but you have to be sure you are buying natural malachite if you want to truly benefit form the healing energy of this stone.

What is special about malachite?
Malachite has a unique combination of fresh and potent flow of healing energy that is both refreshing and soothing. Depending on the depth and specific patterns of its multitude of green colours, malachite can also be grounding and calming.

This is a much loved stone in many cultures because it has a strong renewing energy that is optimistic, healing and revitalizing; its energy reminds us to always look at life with fresh new eyes and allow for a multitude of inspiring possibilities. Malachite is also used for protection, especially when the striations on its surface resemble the eye shape (this use is similar to the use of Dzi beads and Turkish “evil eye” jewelry).

Where does malachite come from?
Most of the malachite comes from Russia, Zaire, Chile and Australia.

What are the feng shui properties of malachite?
A strong energizer and protector, malachite is used in many feng shui cures — from turtle figurines for support and grounding, spheres and egg shapes for health to malachite Wu Lou (gourds) for wealth. Malachite can also energize any stagnant area of your home or office space, so it can be used as a feng shui activating cure for a specific period of time.

Where to place the malachite for good feng shui
The strong and vibrant green of the malachite — a colour that belongs to the Wood feng shui element — makes malachite an excellent feng shui cure for Health & Family (East) and Money & Abundance (Southeast) areas of your home bagua. You can also place a small bowl of the malachite stones in your home office, close to your computer, to help maintain your personal energy levels, or in your living room. 

What form of malachite should I choose?
You can go for malachite tumbled rocks or choose from a variety of carvings, such as the ones mentioned above, from feng shui turtles to angels and hearts, it is up to you to choose a shape and symbol that speaks to you the most. Of course, if you feel that malachite can really benefit your personal energy, do not hesitate to buy yourself high quality malachite jewelry. It is not expensive, and it can really work its magic when placed in your energy field.


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