Feng Shui Use of Fu Dogs, the Famed Imperial Protectors

Here’s the meaning and the use of Fu Dogs, a classical feng shui cure for protection

The Fu Dogs, or Imperial Guardian Lions, are a classical feng shui protection symbol with really strong power. Fu Dogs were traditionally placed in front of imperial palaces, temples, and government offices. In addition to protection, the Fu (also spelled as Foo) Dogs were one of the expressions of family wealth and social status, and were (and still are) often placed in front of wealthy homes.

Fu Dogs are usually displayed as a couple. The male Fu Dog is holding a globe under his right paw, which signifies control over his domain and strong protection of his home. The female Fu Dog is holding a cub under her left paw, signifying strong maternal instincts.

It is interesting to note that the lion is not an animal indigenous to China. It is believed that travellers to China brought stories about lions as Buddhist protectors of Dharma. Statues of lions were modelled in feng shui based on the travellers’ descriptions and drawing inspiration from native dogs.

Today, there are Fu Dog feng shui cures to suit any taste and any home. The color, size, and material can influence where and how to use a Fu Dog, from guarding one’s front door to adding a sense of calm and good luck to your home‘s interior.

If you choose to use the energy of Fu Dogs at your front door, know that a metal, or white color Fu Dog couple is best for a front door direction that calls for the Metal feng shui element, such as a Northwest, West, or North-facing front door.

The male Fu Dog (the one holding the globe) is always placed on the male, or the Dragon side of the house (to the right of the front door). The female Fu Dog (the one holding the cub) is placed on the female, or the Tiger side of the house (to the left of the front door).

The male and the female, the right and the left, the Dragon and the Tiger sides of the house are determined, for feng shui purposes, by facing your front door from the outside of the house. Logically, this changes when you look out from being inside the home.

If you resonate with the power of this traditional Chinese feng shui cure, you can also use it inside your home, depending on its specific materials. As the Fu Dogs always carry a powerful, protective and quite majestic energy, you will most benefit from placing them in an area that needs power and visibility. You can choose from a variety of expressions of its energy, including the beautiful Fu Dogs bookends featured in the photo above.

Fu Dogs can also be used as an annual feng shui cure to protect one’s wealth. In this case, you can place them in the location of the annual feng shui stars connected to the energy of wealth. There are two annual wealth stars— Wealth star #8, of the Earth element, and the Purple Wealth Star #9, of the Fire element, that can benefit from this feng shui cure.

image: universal lighting and decor

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