Here Are the Best Feng Shui Colors for Your Kitchen (by Bagua Area)

Our easy feng shui guide to kitchen color will help create good energy in your kitchen

There are so many ways to bring life and color into your kitchen, how can you possibly know which color will create best energy? Here’s where feng shui kitchen color guidelines can really help. In feng shui, the best choice of colors is defined by the location of your kitchen. The location is determined by the so-called bagua, or feng shui energy map. There are two ways of defining the bagua, which often leads to confusion. You can read about the bagua differences and decide which one to choose for your home.

One of the secrets to feng shui success is to choose one bagua style and work with it, instead of chaotically trying to apply both. You either work with the classical, also called traditional feng shui bagua, or you work with the BTB (also called Western) bagua. Many feng shui cures are identical to both schools, this applies to best feng shui color choices, too.

I would like to give you practical and clear guidance in choosing best colors for your kitchen, no matter which bagua school you decide to apply. Here comes your easy feng shui guide to best kitchen colors.

South Area Kitchen

Feng shui bagua area: Fame and Reputation
BTB bagua location: Top Row Center 

This is one of the most auspicious kitchen locations in feng shui as it works very well with the Fire feng shui element energy of the area. If you have a kitchen in the South, you can go wild with all sorts of fiery colors, from bright red to intense yellow or sun-kissed orange. You can also use a variety of Wood element colors such as green and brown. Colors to avoid (in big proportions) in a South area kitchen are blue and black colors.

Southwest Area Kitchen

Feng shui bagua area: Love and Marriage
BTB bagua location: Top Row Right

If you have a kitchen in the Southwest area, you are also in luck! Fire element of the kitchen is nourishing the Earth element of this bagua area, so you can also go wild with fiery colors if you so desire,  from bright red to yellow to orange and purple (even pink). Earth element colors and decor items are excellent here, too. Colors to avoid (in strong proportions) in a Southwest bagua area kitchen are white, gray, blue, and black.

West Area Kitchen

Feng shui bagua area: Children and Creativity
BTB bagua location: Mid Row Right

Feng shui-wise, a kitchen in the West bagua area requires some care and attention, as the Fire element of the kitchen can weaken the Metal element energy of this bagua area. Avoid too many Fire element colors (for example, a red wall color will not be a good choice here), and focus on strong Earth feng shui element decor. Excellent for a West area kitchen are fresh whites, clean grays and warm earthy tones.

Northwest Area Kitchen

Feng shui bagua area: Helpful People and Blessings
BTB bagua location: Lower Row Right

A kitchen in the Northwest bagua area needs the exact same treatment as a kitchen in the West, as they both share the same feng shui element (Metal). So, have an abundance of warm earthy colors, as well as crisp whites and clear grays. Avoid Fire and Water element colors (check the five feng shui elements information for specific visuals).

North Area Kitchen

Feng shui bagua area: Career and Path in Life
BTB bagua location: Lower Row Center

If you have a kitchen in the North bagua area, you will have to juggle the fine art of feng shui color balancing – you want to keep the Water element of this area happy by providing best colors and decor for it – blue, black, gray and white colors; and, at the same time, you want to keep the Fire element energy of the kitchen strong and healthy.

Find a good visual balance between the Fire and the Water element colors with the emphasis being on Water and Metal colors, which are blue, black, gray and white colors. Metal feng shui element is usually an excellent balancing point for a North bagua area kitchen in both its colors – white and gray – as well as in its actual materials.

Northeast Area Kitchen

Feng shui bagua area: Spiritual Growth and Cultivation
BTB bagua location: Lower Row Left

A kitchen in the Northeast area is as easy to work with as a kitchen in Southwest area, as they both share the same Earth element. So, feel free to have as many fiery colors as you want – from bright red to vibrant yellow and, of course, bring an abundance of Earth element decor and colors, too. Avoid a strong presence of black, blue, white and gray colors.

East Area Kitchen

Feng shui bagua area: Health and Family
BTB bagua location: Mid Row Left

A bit of care is good for an East area kitchen, because too much Fire or Metal element colors can damage the Wood element energy of this bagua area. Do your best to avoid too many Fire element colors and decor items, and focus on Earth feng shui element colors. Green and brown colors are excellent for the East area kitchen, and so are light blue accents (Water element). Avoid a predominantly white color scheme for a kitchen in the East bagua area.

Southeast Area Kitchen

Feng shui bagua area: Wealth and Money
BTB bagua location: Top Row Left

A Southeast area kitchen requires the same attention as the one in the East as they both share the same element – Wood. This means adding as many Wood element decor items and colors as your heart desires, as well as bringing touches of light blue. Avoid too many red color accents (Fire element) or a predominantly stark white color (Metal element) in your Southeast kitchen.

Display an abundance of fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, flowers to support the energy of wealth, as this is the money bagua area of your home.  In the language of feng shui energy, you have to express wealth to attract wealth.

Center Area Kitchen

Feng shui bagua area: Heart of the Home/Yin Yang
BTB bagua location: Center

A Center area kitchen needs the same feng shui energy as a kitchen in the Southwest or Northeast areas; they all share the Earth element. Fire element is very supportive for the Earth element, so it is easy to create good feng shui when your kitchen is in the center of your home. Decorate it with either Fire or Earth element colors and try to limit the colors of both the Metal element (white and gray) and the Water element (blue and black).

So there you have it, the easy feng shui guide to choosing best colors for your kitchen. I trust it helps you create a harmonious and happy kitchen.

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