Can I Really Have Good Feng Shui in My Bathroom?

Use simple feng shui tips to create good energy in your bathroom, this is important.

I am often asked if it is wise to have good feng shui in one’s bathroom. The reason for this question is the bad reputation of bathrooms in feng shui because by their nature bathrooms can easily create, collect and amplify negative energy. As with most things feng shui, use your discernment, as well as plain common sense when applying it in your home. There are numerous feng shui concepts that are either too complex for the beginner or are easily misinterpreted; unless you work with a professional feng shui consultant, I suggest you always use your best judgment.

Not only you can have good feng shui in your bathroom, you must have good feng shui there. While it is true that bathrooms present a feng shui challenge, to ignore the bathroom is a huge mistake. To ignore your bathroom in hope that this is better for the feng shui of your house is not only naive, it is plain wrong. Applying silly feng shui tips such as hanging a mirror on the bathroom door to make it disappear is a waste of time and resources. And yes, keeping your toilet seat down is obviously important but not nearly enough to contain the bathroom energy. You need not be afraid of your bathroom, but rather care for it by creating excellent energy there. In return, your bathroom will love you back by not spreading doubtful energy throughout your home.

Let’s look at basic and easy tips for good feng shui in your bathroom. First, of course, you need to keep it clean and orderly. Not only clean but sparkling clean. Because the energy in the bathroom is challenging, feng shui-wise, any lack of order or cleanliness will quickly double, if not triple the negative energy there, so be mindful and keep it sparkling. The fewer items you have in your bathroom, the easier it is to keep it orderly and clean; a Zen lifestyle is earth-friendly and very easy to feng shui. If you have a busy bathroom, then make it a priority to find solid solutions to organize it well by using every reasonable inch of vertical and horizontal space in your bathroom. Stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea, and many others can help you with plenty of creative storage solutions.

Next, it is helpful to know the bagua area where your bathroom is located. If you are new to feng shui, bagua is the energy map of your home that helps you identify specific areas in your home related to specific areas of your life. The bagua also gives you basic guidelines for best colors and shapes to use in each area of your home. However, no matter which bagua area your bathroom is located in, color white and all light skin color tones are excellent for the bathroom. White is also a Metal feng shui element color, which is the energy that cuts through stagnant, low and chaotic energy. The warm skin colors are of the Earth feng shui element, they are very nourishing for the human body. So, even if you do not know the bagua area of your bathroom, if you stay with these two color choices you will be making a good decision.

What should you avoid in your bathroom? Avoid the Water feng shui element colors (blue and black) and images with a strong presence of water (ocean, lakes, waterfalls), as these details will only strengthen the energy that you want to keep under control, the Water element present in any bathroom. Last but not least, bring an element of beauty and nourishment to your bathroom. The energy of beauty is needed for our health on all levels – from emotional to mental. An element of beauty can be anything from beautiful crystals to a soothing, sensual image; from beeswax candles to a high quality aromatherapy diffuser. Be wise and pay attention to the quality of energy in your bathroom, as you will be the one to benefit from it.

When you put effort into creating a nourishing spa feeling in your bathroom, you can relax, enjoy its healing energy, and simply smile when you hear about its bad feng shui reputation.

rodika tchi

master feng shui consultant. published author. teacher.



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