The Feng Shui Story of Your Wallet Color

Does your wallet have good feng shui energy?

I know this might sound a bit strange or even superficial, for the Western reader, to talk about the best feng shui wallet colors. Feng shui of your wallet colours? Come on now… Yet, if you just look at it from a purely energetic perspective,  you will realize the importance of having your wallet in the absolutely best possible shape.

Once you accept that everything around you is energy – and I mean accept on a genuine, experiential level, not just intellectual one – you might be surprised to discover that your wallet carries you even more than you carry your wallet. It can tell stories about your attitude towards wealth, your openness to receive, your self-esteem, and more.

Feng shui, being an amazing energy system that can remove blockages and transform stagnant energy into fresh, flowing and vibrant one, the energetic state of your wallet is worth looking into.

If you are ready to go beyond stereotypes or pragmatic remarks – I hope you are, otherwise why would you be here exploring feng shui? – let me share with you basic info on how to choose a wallet to help you attract the ever-flowing energy of wealth.

Your wallet is the home for your money

If you have applied feng shui in your home, you know there are certain principles that just have to be respected in order to create good feng shui. The same basics will apply for your wallet – clutter-free energy, order and beauty have to be present there for good feng shui.

I am sure you have seen many people whose wallets are bursting at the seams and overflowing with old receipts, photos and a variety of cards. This speaks of poverty consciousness, scattered energy, fear and chaos, which is the exact opposite of the energy that is open and ready to receive wealth.

Be sure you have a clean and ordered wallet that is refreshed often, meaning keep it clean and fresh, do not “clog it” with items you do not need and be very mindful where you place your wallet overnight. Having your wallet in the same secure, calm and safe place that can be easily reached is very important.

You should be able to find your wallet in a nick of time, and you should really enjoy its placement, as well as its look and feel. This brings us to the second point, how to choose your best wallet color. Along with the basics of having a spacious wallet, and having it made from a good quality material, how do you decide on the best colour for your wallet?

How to choose the best energy expressed in colors

Choosing the best color for anything – from clothing to cars – is a very personal choice, of course, but since we are exploring it all from a feng shui perspective, it is important to know that, in feng shui, color is considered the strongest expression of a specific quality of energy defined as a feng shui element. How do you choose the best energy?

Here are the 5 popular colors for a good feng shui wallet, their energy meaning and suitability to your personal energy.

Red Color

Red is a very auspicious color considered to attract wealth and abundance. The color of the Fire feng shui element with its illumination energy, red is often the most popular feng shui wallet color choice of many feng shui fans. However, red being a super-activating color, be mindful that it can energize both positive, as well as your negative traits toward money (somewhat similar to burning the negative traits in a short and intense amount of time), so trust your better judgement and see if you are ready for a red wallet.

A red color wallet can be an excellent choice for people with Fire as their personal birth element, as well as those with the Earth element. It can be bit too intense for Water, Wood and Metal element people.

Deep Blue Color

Blue is the color of the Water feng shui element that is the ancient symbol of abundance; this makes blue color a very good choice for an auspicious feng shui wallet. However, be mindful how it works with your personal energy. For example, if your personal energy – defined in feng shui as your personal birth element – is Fire or Metal, blue color is not the best choice for you. On the other hand, if your personal feng shui birth element is Wood or Water, this can be an awesome choice.

Black Color

Black is also the color of the Water feng shui element, so it is an excellent choice for a wallet colour, especially for those with the personal feng shui birth element of Water and Wood. It is not a good colour for Fire, Metal or Earth birth feng shui element people.

Brown Color

Brown is probably the most popular wallet color (after black), as there are so many beautiful leather textures and natural color variations that make this choice very attractive. However, light brown being an Earth feng shui element color, it might not be the best choice for those with the personal birth element of Fire or Water.

Excellent for Earth, Wood and Metal people. A deeper brown color belongs to the Wood feng shui element (yes, feng shui is nuanced and complex), so a rich deep brown color wallet might not be the absolute best for those with Earth as their birth element, but much energizing for the Fire element people.

Green Color

Green, being of the Wood feng shui element, is an excellent color choice for starting anew, for being ready to grow, change and stay open, no matter the stories your past holds. Just like with brown, this is a great choice for the Wood birth element people, as well as for those with the Fire birth element.

Other Colors 

Of course you can find wallets in many more colors that the 5 most popular ones listed here. From white to silver, gold and hot pink, there are obviously so many attractive colors to choose from. Generally, the deeper the color, the stronger its protective energy (which you definitely want for your wallet.) So, choosing a red or deep pink wallet, for example, is always a better feng shui choice than choosing a white, tan or light pink color wallet. However, as with everything, it is a good idea to assimilate these guidelines by choosing only what feels right to you.

To sum it up, what makes a good feng shui wallet are 3 things:

1. Order (carry only what you need and have a clear system)

2. Space (always leave space for more!)

3. Beauty/Auspicious Energy (choose best colours and materials).

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