How To Use the “Secret Key” Feng Shui Cure To Sell Your House Faster

Use this feng shui cure to sell your house fast

Unlike most feng shui cures, you do not need to prepare anything special here, just a bit of time and strong intent to sell your house. You will also need to find a location close to a natural body of water, ideally a fast-flowing river. A water brook or a lake can work too; alternatively, you can perform this cure at the seashore (best in a secluded spot).

Supplies: Your spare house key + your full attention and clear intent to sell the house.

The time it takes: 20 min — 1 hr

Best time to perform the cure: 11 AM — 1 PM

Best location:  A natural body of water (a fast-flowing river is best).

Note: Even though it goes without saying, I need to emphasize to use a spare key here, and not the only key to your home! It is also best to perform this feng shui cure alone, as well as have some time before and after to spend by yourself.

Step by Step Instructions:

Plan this cure ahead of time to be sure you can be by the body of water during the most powerful hours of the day (11 AM — 1 PM). Before leaving home, spend some time in the center of your house, also called the heart of the home and connect to your strong intent to let the house go. Be sure to hold your spare key in your hands and focus on energizing it with your intent for quick house sale. If you are sincere with this feng shui cure, you will start feeling quite strong emotions and maybe have clear insights as to why the house is not selling (in most cases, there is always an emotional blockage, such as resistance or attachment that prevents the house sale). This strong attachment might be yours, or any of your family members.

Spend as much or as little time you need in the center of your home; you might also choose to take a tour of the house if this feels right to you. Find your own, personalized way of saying goodbye to the house and letting go of your attachment to it and all the memories it contains. Be sure to hold your spare keys in your hands all this time. When you feel you are ready to leave, use the key to lock and unlock the front door of your house. Be sure to do this a few times, especially if the spare key you are using for this feng shui cure has not been used in a long time.

When ready, find your way to a natural body of water. The next step is a bit of a mystical one. Basically what you will do is stand on the bank of the river, hold your house key with both hands while energizing it with the force and clarity of your intent to sell the house. You can close your eyes and say a prayer, or just spend a bit of time with the strongest memories and experiences lived in the home.  This is a very personal step, so I encourage you to do what feels most powerful to you. It is also one of the most important parts of this secret feng shui cure because what you will do next is … throw the key into the river! Yes, this is the next step.

It is about letting your attachment to the house go totally and completely as energetically the key does not belong to you anymore; you allow the flow of universal energy to take the house key to its next owner. Of course, you do understand that this is certainly not about an actual person finding your actual key in the river and getting your house. It is a powerful symbolic gesture, an outer manifestation (and an ancient one, too!) of the “Let go and let God” step. You might feel strong emotions when throwing your key into the water, you might also feel a strong resistance and even change your mind. Watch your reactions, as they will tell you a lot about the present energetic blockages in selling your house. Listen to them and deal with them. This is all you need to know in order to perform the secret feng shui key cure to sell the house!

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