Feng Shui of A Staircase in the Center of Home or Office

A staircase in the center of a home or office is not ideal feng shui. The negative effects of a center staircase are stronger in a home than in a business space. As with any feng shui applications, there are many details to consider before reaching a final conclusion about the severity or the auspiciousness of any feature, and a staircase in the center is no exception. Having a staircase in the center can have strong negative effects in one home while being quite manageable in another home (with a different floor plan).

Let’s look at what makes a staircase in the center of a home bad feng shui and how to neutralize its effects. In feng shui, the center of any space is considered to contain the heart of the space, also called the yin yang point. Energy-wise, it acts as a command central — all other bagua areas of your home are depending on the center and are looking to it for energy nourishment and recharge. But first, do you know how to find the center of your home or office? This might sound like a simple question, but if your floor plan has an irregular shape, watch this short video:

The overall energy of the staircase is the energy of constant up and down motion, so there is a subtle but continuous movement even if the staircase is not used often. The quality of this movement is determined by many details such as the staircase materials, colors, design, incoming light, etc. For example, the “screwdriver” design metal staircase in the center of a home or office will definitely have a much worse effect on the overall energy of the space than a typical staircase with wood risers and good, solid railing.

There are also many elements in the house itself that determine the specific effect of a staircase in the center of a home. A big, spacious home with a good flow of Chi, a well designed kitchen and bedroom, an abundance of natural light and fresh air, as well as strong energy in the wealth area will be less affected by the negative energy of the center staircase than a small home with a stuck flow of Chi, a poorly designed kitchen, and an energetically disturbed bedroom. The heart of the home — just like the heart in your own body — is thriving on openness, calm, stability, strength and peace. The continuous drilling energy, or motion of the center staircase, is disturbing the stability and joy necessary for good feng shui in the heart of the home.

More often than not, houses with a staircase in the center will tend to attract, or create, the pattern of constant struggle in the lives of people who live there — either emotional or financial struggle. A center staircase will also tend to create the energy of instability, worries and anxiety. Sometimes this can lead to actual complications with the physical heart. What is important to understand is that each house is unique, just like each person is unique, and the issues I am discussing with you may or may not apply to your home (if you happen to have a staircase in the center).

It is also important to know that there are no mistakes and we always attract houses that show us where we need to do most work, this way houses can be very strict and even frustrating teachers. If you happen to live in a home with a center staircase, read these 3 feng shui steps to help remedy its potentially bad feng shui energy.

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