Your Best Bedroom Colors (According to Feng Shui)

Which feng shui color is best for your bedroom?

Do you feel happy and nourished in your bedroom? Do you love your bedroom? Are you happy with your bedroom colors? Knowing that color has such an effect on your emotional health and well-being, wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by the most beautiful, healing colors in your bedroom?

One popular way to choose your best bedroom color is to take a look at your closet and see which colors you wear most often. While this sounds interesting, what if you wear colors that you just can’t picture on your bedroom walls? Black bedroom wall paint might work for some (and even look chic if you are working with a talented designer), but I would not recommend it as a good feng shui bedroom color.

Here’s where feng shui comes to the rescue with really good tips focused on your health (and your love life, too.) After all, we do spend a great deal of time in our bedrooms, hopefully not only sleeping but sharing intimately healing moments with our loved ones. Feng shui of color is a fascinating topic to explore, as well as an easy way to bring great energy into your home.

Color is light, and light is what we absolutely need for our health and well-being, so the more colors you have in your space, the more vibrant energy you are creating and enjoying. There is a subtle and skillful art to choosing best colors for your home, a way to create harmony, happiness and a sense of well-being, and here’s where feng shui can be really helpful.

Let’s look at several feng shui ways to choose your best bedroom colors.

You can:

(1) define the best colors for your bedroom based on the bagua area your bedroom is located in (bagua is the feng shui energy map of your home).

(2) go for the generally accepted best bedroom colors, which are all skin tones, from pristine porcelain white to deep rich chocolate tones.

(3) choose best colors based on your feng shui birth element.

While you can choose just one way and still create good energy, ideally you will take the following steps in order to define your best bedroom color.

Step 1: Define the energy map of your home

Define the bagua, or feng shui energy map of your home, to see which colors are best for your specific bedroom. According to your home bagua, there will be specific colors recommended in specific areas, so you will know which colors are best for the bagua area that your bedroom is located in. Once you know the bagua, you will be able to create better energy in your whole home.

Step 2: Use the best colors for your personal energy

There are five elements in feng shui and your personal energy is defined by one of these elements. This means there are specific colors that are supporting your personal energy, and then there are colours that can weaken it. It is helpful to know the colors that nourish you, as well as the colors that is wise to avoid (as a strong presence). For example, if your birth feng shui element is Wood, then a predominantly red or a pink color scheme bedroom is not supportive for your personal energy.

Step 3:  Choose skin color tones for your bedroom

This step is really easy, choose at least a few decor items in skin color tones to create a warm, relaxed and sensual feeling in your bedroom. Skin color tones are considered the best feng shui colors for a bedroom, so you cannot really go wrong with these colors in your bedroom decor.

In time, you might want to explore steps 1 and 2 because they will help you create really good feng shui energy in your whole home, as well as great feng shui energy in your specific bedroom. Bring home a variety of paint color chips in all skin tones — from white to deep chocolate brown — and see which color creates the best energy in your bedroom.

Skin color tones are the expression of the Earth feng shui element and are considered best for the bedroom because they create an energy similar to a warm embrace. Their energy is earthy, warm, and nourishing, which is the energy that our physical bodies dearly need, especially during nighttime.

rodika tchi

master feng shui consultant. published author. teacher.



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