The Good Side of Control: How & When to Use the Feng Shui Commanding Position

Understand what the feng shui commanding position is and use it for your benefit

The feng shui commanding position is an important notion to take into consideration when you set up your bedroom, your office, your living room, or when you are re-decorating any of these spaces. Mainly, the principle of the feng shui commanding position is applied in your bedroom (how you place your bed) and in your office (how you place your office desk). However, you can sure apply the commanding position to any area you tend to spend a lot of time in, be it your favorite reading chair or your couch.

The feng shui commanding position in any room is the spot that is further from the door and not in the direct line with it. It is usually diagonally from the door and facing the door. You can have several commanding position spots in any given space, but there will always be one that is most powerful, usually the furthest corner from the door (think of the meaning and location of the corner office).

Another criteria for the feng shui commanding position is good backing. Let’s say, you have your office desk in the commanding position, it all looks perfect, but there is a window behind your back. This is not a full commanding position, it is still weak. You need to create strong backing behind your back. After you’ve done that, not only will you have a complete view of what is happening in any given space, you will also have strong feng shui backing, protective energy behind your back.

Once you really understand and know how it feels to be in a feng shui commanding position, you will automatically look for it even outside your home or office. You will choose better spots to keep your energy strong in a meeting, in a restaurant, or in any other place you have to spend time in. To sum it up, here is what is needed for a spot to be considered a powerful feng shui commanding position:

  • Further from the door
  • Not in a direct line with the door
  • Good view of the door
  • Strong backing/support behind you.

Think of the meaning of the word Commanding, it will reveal to you the essence of this feng shui position. It is not about being a commander of other people, more like a commander of your own energy, so that you can do your best in any given situation.

image: @thuisbijsuus/instagram

rodika tchi

master feng shui consultant. published author. teacher.



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