Use This Feng Shui Love Checkup in Your Bedroom

Simple feng shui tips to check if your bedroom is promoting love and a harmonious romantic life.

Are you curious about the connection between the feng shui of your bedroom and the quality of your love life? Looking to attract a love partner? Maybe you are in a love relationship that needs more loving and sensual energy? Feng shui has a variety of tips to help find (and keep) a lasting love relationship.

Your external environment either supports or weakens your personal energy, so if the feng shui of your bedroom is vibrant and harmonious, your love life will tend to flourish, too. Here is a quick feng shui love checkup of your bedroom to help you see if you are really open and ready for lasting love.

1. Is your bedroom comfortable for two people?

For a love relationship to work long-term, both partners need to feel equal, respected and treated well. Create both sides of the bed in a feng shui balanced way, in other words, treat them equally. If your bed is squished in one corner of the room or is hiding behind the door with just one lonely nightstand, you might have a hard time finding a functional love relationship.

2. Is there any free space in your closets?

A closet that has breathing room and a free flow of feng shui energy is not only promoting better health and more opportunities; on the most practical level, it allows your loved one to store their clothing and personal items.

3. What is the state of your health trinity?

Be sure your feng shui home trinity — the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen — is treated well, because good feng shui energy in these three spaces is very important for your well-being. If the energy in these areas of your home is low or unbalanced, this will sooner or later reflect in the quality of your love relationship.

4. Can you see your life with your ideal partner?

How would that look like, how would it feel, smell, etc. in your everyday life? Bring that feeling into your home with specific images, colors, and items that reflect the energy you desire. Avoid sad, lonely, broken heart images if you want to attract a happy love relationship.

You can also try more advanced feng shui tips, such as to treat well the Southwest/Love bagua area of your space. The feng shui element to nurture here is the Earth element, so bring decor items, colors, and images that strengthen either the Earth or the Fire feng shui elements, and avoid strong Water, Wood or Metal elements in your bedroom decor.

Apply feng shui love-specific cures, such as decor items in two, rose quartz or other crystals, art depicting lovers, or other items that speak to you of love. To attract and nourish a vibrant love relationship, create a bedroom that reflects the beauty of the relationship you want to be in.

This will strengthen your personal energy, help magnetize your partner, and once your partner is there, your good feng shui bedroom will have plenty of vibrant and sensually alive energy to support you both.

rodika tchi

master feng shui consultant. published author. teacher.



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