Feng Shui Tips To Attract Career Success

Feng shui wisdom to help attract career success

I made a video a while ago to answer the questions I receive on using feng shui to attract career success, have you seen it? It is not a quick and easy one, but it has a lot of good info to help change the energy in your home and focus on specific steps that really matter for your goal.

There are many feng shui career tips to help strengthen your chosen path. Some are quite advanced and based on various feng shui calculations. There are also many easy, practical and very efficient tips that can bring you good benefits. You can start by applying basic tips such as keeping your office well-organized and free of clutter, positioning your desk in the commanding position, as well as facing one of your lucky feng shui directions; checking your place for harmful EMF radiation, and having proper feng shui backing.

Experiment with moving your furniture to find the best arrangement that creates a good energy flow. Do not sit with your back to the door or to the window. Introduce vibrant colors into your workspace for more energy and enhanced creativity. Avoid the boring and unproductive spaces with boring wall art, stale air and fluorescent lighting that is harmful to your health. Be creative with your space. Take charge of it. Personalize it. Express who you are and let this expression support you whenever you need it the most.

Here is the video, and below are a few more helpful feng shui career tips.

feng shui career tips

Tip 1: Express the Energy of Success

In the world of energy, like attracts like, so do your best to always be aware of the quality of energy that surrounds you. In addition to a clean and organized office, find a way to be surrounded with success reminders, be they images of your career highlights or photos of mentors you admire. You can also look into classical feng shui career success cures such as images of running horses, or the powerful dragon with a pearl in its claw. However, I suggest you use these cures only if they truly speak to you of career success.

Tip 2: Stay Open to All Possibilities

The map of the world — or any other map you like — in your office is a good feng shui cure to open up your path to more possibilities. It is considered excellent feng shui to decorate your office with artwork that has open views, great vistas, and high energy. Have appropriate feng shui cures in the Fame, as well as the Career bagua areas of your office.

Tip 3: Keep the Energy Fresh

Fresh and vibrant energy is lucky energy. Keep lush green plants in your office, such as peace lily, areca palm, lady palm, rubber plant, etc. In addition to purifying the air, these plants have also been proven to lower the EMF radiation. Most importantly, they will keep your personal energy fresh and vibrant, which is needed if you want to attract career success. Be consistent with applying feng shui to attract career success and you are guaranteed to enjoy good results.

Of course, no matter how many cures you apply in your home or office, understand that feng shui is there to help support your efforts, not replace them. I wish you a successful and meaningful career to bring abundance into your life, and joy to your heart.


rodika tchi

master feng shui consultant. published author. teacher. RodikaTchi.com



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