Find Your Own Feng Shui Kua Number with this Easy Chart

Your Kua number gives your lucky feng shui directions which give you access to better energy

Knowing your Kua number is helpful when you work on creating good feng shui in your home or office. I used to receive many requests to verify if one’s Kua number is correct. Instead of answering many emails with the same question, I thought a feng shui Kua number chart will be helpful. All you have to do is find your year of birth in the chart below and then look up your Kua number by gender. Remember the calculations are done according to the Lunar New Year which starts on a different day each year; check to be sure you have the right year of birth for this specific calculation. The feng shui Kua number is calculated differently for a male and a female, as well as for those born after the year 2000.

So here is your Kua number chart, aren’t you happy I made it so easy for you?

Your Feng Shui Kua Number Chart


Now that you know your Kua number, you can find your lucky feng shui directions and use them to access better energy at home or in the office. You can also look into your best personal colors to wear, as well as the lucky colors of the year.

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