The Appetite for Hematite

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Why and how is hematite used in feng shui

The most popular feng shui cure/figurine in hematite is the turtle symbol, and there is certainly a good reason for it. Hematite has a strong grounding and protective quality, which perfectly matches the energy and the use of the turtle symbol in traditional feng shui applications.

Being one of the four feng shui celestial animals – along with the Green Dragon, the Red Phoenix and the White Tiger, the essential protective energy of the Black Turtle is perfectly expressed in the energy of hematite.

Protecting, centering, cooling, calming – these are just a few of the properties of hematite. Can hematite benefit you? Should you wear hematite as jewellery or should you go for a hematite feng shui cure or small carving? Maybe just tumbled hematite stones can do the job? Let’s explore.

The name hematite comes from greek for blood, so some people call it bloodstone which is not correct. Bloodstone is a different stone altogether.  Hematite owns its name to the fact that when opened, the stone is blood red color inside, thus the name. The most prominent energy property of hematite is its strong grounding, clearing and protective quality.

You can feel its grounding and centering energy if you hold a hematite tumbled stone in your left hand for a while. It is an amazing stone that is widely available, thus affordable, so I would encourage you to get a few hematite tumbled stones.

Black color in its essence is very magical and protective, so most black stones – black obsidian, black onyx, and black tourmaline – have a protective quality to them. The reason black color is considered very protective is because by its nature black repels all colors, as technically black is a lack of color (as opposed to white which absorbs and contains all colors).

The unique protective energy of hematite is in its mirror-like shine, which further repels negative energy. The energy of hematite, with its crisp cooling quality, can also help with focus, clarity and concentration. There are three main feng shui ways you can benefit from the unique properties of the hematite:


You can go for several tumbled hematite stones that you might choose to have with you as needed. For example, wear one in your pocket or your purse; have one in the car, etc.


Feng shui carvings placed in specific sports in your home can create a more protective and crisp quality of energy. The best use of hematite stone is in the North/Career bagua area because it matches well the requirements of the Water feng shui element here.


Hematite jewellery can be an excellent choice for many occasions, just be sure to choose wisely. It is always good to wear hematite on the lower half of the body versus the higher part. Basically, this means having your hematite as an arm bracelet, in your belt design, your bag adornments or as an ankle bracelet is much better than wearing hematite as earrings or as a pendant over the heart area.

The choice is certainly up to you. Because hematite is so affordable, why not go for all three – tumbled stones, carvings and jewellery? Let’s sum up the main properties of hematite:

    • Protective
    • Grounding
    • Centering
    • Cooling/Calming
    • Clarity-enhancing
    • Emotionally balancing

It is important to know that these qualities do not apply to magnetic, or magnetized hematite, which is man-made. Even though magnetic hematite jewelry has its own healing uses, its structure and properties are different from those of the real hematite stone. I hope this basic information ignited your appetite for the beautiful and magically protective hematite!

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