Is Having Plants in the Bedroom Bad Feng Shui?

Key feng shui points to consider when decorating your bedroom with various plants

Question: I am very confused because some feng shui books say DO NOT put plants in the bedroom because they need to be watered and water is bad feng shui in the bedroom. Then I read that plants are good feng shui because they inhale the carbon dioxide from the air. Can you tell me why there are such opposite views?

Answer: Very good question. As always with creating good feng shui in any space, it is wise to understand the reason behind each suggestion, and then see how (and if) it applies to your specific home. What can be good feng shui for a big sunny Southwest bedroom might not be so good for a small North facing bedroom. When it comes to plants — or any other feng shui cure — it is important to first identify their overall energy requirements. Second, see how this energy matches the energy needed in any given space.

Let’s look at your question from a practical point of view — what do plants do at night? They release carbon dioxide into the air. What do you do at night? Hopefully, sleep in your good feng shui bedroom.  Nighttime is about the only time when your body can focus on healing and regenerating itself, so it is helpful to be aware of the quality of energy (which definitely includes the quality of air) in your bedroom.

Yes, plants are excellent feng shui, and especially the air-purifying plants. Are plants good to have in the bedroom, though? Generally, big plants in the bedroom are not the best feng shui idea. Unless your bedroom is very spacious and the plants are placed further from the bed , the suggestion is to limit the presence of plants there.

Feng shui-wise, a plant represents growth and vibrant, active life movement, because any plant carries the essence of the Wood feng shui element. Active and upward moving, growing energy is not the best feng shui energy for the bedroom, which needs nourishing, soft, downward quality of energy of a cocooning, sensual, and almost still quality.

This is not to say that a small plant, especially in a big bedroom, is bad feng shui, not at all. You just have to use your own judgment and see if a specific plant creates the best quality of energy for your bedroom.

If you have a big bedroom and the plant is placed far from the bed, then it can be totally Ok as its presence is not so close to your own energy field. However, if your bedroom is small and you have a big tall plant very close to your bed, this might not be the best feng shui.

There are some other details to consider such as your personal feng shui birth element. If your birth feng shui element is Fire, Wood, or even Metal, your energy might tolerate a big plant in your bedroom much better than those with the birth element of Earth or Water. This is based on the interaction of the five feng shui elements in which each element is either weakened or strengthened in a specific dynamic with the other feng shui elements.

For example, my personal feng shui birth element is Earth, and even though I feel deep love and adoration for plants and trees (my most healing and regenerating time is in the rainforest); I do not do well with plants close to my bed. It can be Ok for a day or two, let’s say if I travel or visit close friends, in other words, as a temporary arrangement is absolutely OK and even exciting,

However, for my own health and well-being, I know I will not have plants close to my bed. I know this intuitively because my body knows right away what works for me and what doesn’t, and I also know it logically, because in the interaction of the five feng shui elements the element of Wood (plants) drains/takes energy from the element of Earth (my personal birth element), so it feels draining for me to have plants in close proximity to my bed.

Now, a fireplace in my bedroom would be great! Fire feng shui element nourishes the element of Earth, so the spaces we stayed that had a fireplace in the bedroom made me feel very nourished.

To conclude, the general feng shui guideline is to limit the presence of many plants in one’s bedroom. Note this only applies to the bedroom, as anywhere else in the house plants are excellent feng shui, especially considering the level of indoor pollution in most homes.

I trust this helps you make the right decision.

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rodika tchi

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